Sunday, October 25, 2015

SuperNova South Recap

I wanted to take this blog post to talk about a digital marketing conference I attended in Atlanta called SuperNova South. We attended SuperNova South for the student track portion and we had the ability to hear from the best of the best in the digital marketing world. I learned so many valuable pieces of advice about interviews, brand marketing, agency jobs, and life in general. The only complaint I have from the entire day is that lunch was barbeque sandwiches and I looked like a four year old child eating it in front of many people I look up to.
Here are some of my key takeaways:

Career Advice:
·      Leave your job better than you found it
·      Output and measureable objectives are extremely important
·      Be transparent

Interview Advice
·      Ask about the culture of where you aer going to be
·      Tell YOUR story. Market yourself.
·      Have hussle
·      Be curious
·      Break through the clutter and get your potential employer’s attention

Life in General
·      Relationships are everything
·      Have an opinion
·      Any chance you get, write.
·      People will pay money for a rare creature. Don’t be a commodity.

Overall, it was an extremely valuable day. We had the opportunity to network with some key individuals in the industry. I don’t think I would ever be presented with the opportunity to interact and network with such brilliant and driven individuals.  

We were also invited to a mentors lunch, where we got food and sat at a table with two mentors. I enjoyed getting to speak with the two women at my table who have accomplished such great things. A valuable takeaway from my lunch table was that it doesn’t end with getting a job. Once you get a job, continue to extend your network. Attend networking events in whatever city you end up with. Build upon what you have and where you are.

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