Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hefty, Hefty, Hefty, Funny, Funny, Funny

This morning, I was catching up on some missed television on Hulu and came across these hilarious commercials that are part of the Hefty Ultimate Easy Grip plastic cups campaign. It was too hard to resist blogging about it.
There are three commercials called “Turnt”, “Worth It”, and “#Blessed”. They depict young moms doing daily mom things, such as folding laundry, unloading groceries, and reading books. The moms are recounting these hilarious stories with such colorful language about their night.

Watch these:
#Blessed and Worth It have reached nearly half a million views, while Turnt has almost 1.5 million views. The campaigns are incredibly relatable. Some of the phrases used are “this party is tight”, “FOMO kicked in so I went”, “literally dying”, “blessed”, “throw shade”, “hangry”, “bye felicia”, “I’d swipe right for that”, “the struggle is real”, “I can’t even”, and “sorry not sorry”. Admit it. You have used at least three of these in the past week. There is no denying it. The ads bring light to today’s lingo and made me feel as if our generation has created our own dictionary of sorts. The most interesting part of this campaign is that Hefty perfectly reaches their target market, while placing the attention on another segment. The ads mimic and reflect the tween/teen generation and the way that social media has changed their language. It shows how comical and crazy the language actually is by having it repeated by moms.

Hefty also brilliantly included the hashtag #partyhardmoms in order to further their campaign. Consumers were able to engage with other moms about the ads, as well as sing their praises. Here are some tweets I found when looking at the hashtag. 

I believe that these new sayings and this new language that millennials have created are completely driven by social media. We don’t typically talk like this in real life, but we use these phrases in Instagrams, Snapchats, and Tweets. Example: I dropped my flashcards on the ground yesterday as I was running from the library to a test and I stopped to Snapchat, captioning it “the struggle is real”. I have seen tweets from people of a cute boy with a tweet saying “I’d swipe right for that”. Or an Instagram from someone who saw a cute puppy on campus, captioning it “I can’t even”. We have created our own social media language and we don’t even realize it sometimes. It opens up a world of questions and possibilities. Who created these phrases? How are the meanings of these phrases translated across generations? How often does this language we create through social media change? Hefty deserves a lot of credit for the humor, originality, and creativity they brought with this digital campaign.  


  1. Emma! A coworker of mine posted this blog on her Facebook (lol, social media again!) and I loved, loved, loved it!! In your other posts you just hit the nail on the head, I was totally drinking red wine out of my stemless glass! I wish I had a "cute boy" to "swipe right for," ughhhhh, "the struggle is real." Can I get an Amen?! Love ya girl! PS - your profile looks soo cute! I'm sure people are swiping right on you!

  2. Hey Emma,

    #ICantEven right now! I haven't laughed this hard in a while. #Blessed definitely has to be favorite of the three. I didn't think I used that type of lingo that much, but I realized I have said most of those within the past week. It is truly amazing how an entire generation of people can create a new language of communicating with each other. I plan on sharing this post with all of my friends if you don't mind. It's too funny not to. #YASSSS

  3. Emma, I love love love this post! Some days, I always wonder how everyone learns about all of these new sayings and to be honest, social media has never come to my mind... I'm so surprised I didn't think about that before! Social media gives us all an insight into what is cool and hip and what everyone is saying nowadays. The other day, I said "I am so dead". If I would've said this a few years ago, people would've looked at me like I was crazy... Also, I STILL don't understand where "Bye Felicia" came from... Going to twitter right now to search the hashtag lol! Thanks for a good laugh! :)

  4. These commercials are hilarious, I'm so happy you wrote about this. Our generation started switching up the rules with language in middle school via "like" and "um." Language is still evolving and I think Hefty really capitalized on this change through a humorous perspective. It's definitely relatable to moms and pokes fun at our everyday talk. "I can't even" and "the struggle is real" come up in conversation all the time. It's about time a company incorporates trending phrases and not just trending topics.

  5. These commercials definitely do a good job at capturing millennials' attention. I have always wondered where these phrases get started and I think you are absolutely correct that social media is the cause. I think it is neat that Hefty has been able to recognize this trend and take advantage of it to benefit their brand. It makes me wonder what adults think when they see these commercials...