Monday, September 21, 2015

Snaps for the Emmy's

Last night was a big night for the actors and actresses of television. The 67th Emmy Awards Show took place, bringing in over 1 million tweets with 11.9 million viewers. Whenever there is an award show, social media is there to cover it. I couldn’t watch the Emmy’s from my fifth floor seat in the library, but I knew what was going thanks to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. The most entertaining of those four definitely being Snapchat.

Nearly a year ago, Snapchat released this new concept of a “Live Story”. Instead of Snapchatting just your friends, you can post your Snapchat on the live story from that day to have anyone view it, friend or not. Snapchat will have live stories ranging from your college town to countries around the world to big events like fashion shows, award shows, and movie premiers. One of my favorite things in life (thus far) has been the ability to travel and see different cultures. The live story feature of Snapchat has provided a gateway for me to do that while sitting on my couch! Sure it’s not anywhere near the same experience, but it allows me to converse with other people and grasp what daily life looks like in different places. 

The Emmy Award show had a live story on Snapchat last night and it provided all viewers with entertainment and a behind the scenes look at the show. The live story provides a multitude of great benefits. First, it allows viewers of the Emmy’s to capture a backstage perspective that isn’t necessarily shown on TV. Celebrities will Snapchat themselves after just receiving an Emmy, or they will post on the live story while on the red carpet. Hosts, actors and actresses, presenters, and audience members have the ability to post about their experience. When watching, you feel as if you are friends with that celebrity because you are watching their raw, organic appearance on Snapchat. Producers will also Snapchat videos of the TV room where people have the ability to view each angle and catch a glimpse into how the Emmy’s come to life on the TV screen. It appeals to all users. It makes us feel like we are a part of this large event that is happening states away. It takes Twitter and Instagram a step further by connecting us in a unique and real way. 

Here are some of the Snapchats from last nights Emmy’s 



  1. Love the real snaps you used in this, looks awesome. It really is such a unique experience that we can connect with celebrities and people all over the world in real time.

  2. I love watching award shows, but my phone often distracts me, and I find myself scrolling through social media instead of listening to the award winners. I watched the Emmy Awards last night, and I caught myself doing this same routine, as usual. The Snapchat live story adds an interactive component to award shows, which makes award shows more exciting for the audience. Not only is it great for people who cannot watch the show on live television, but it is also a great tool to use while viewing the live program to increase audience engagement.

  3. I did a very similar post to this last week about New York Fashion Week. We obviously don't have the opportunity to attend events like the Emmys or NYFW, so being able to have Snapchat live stories at our disposal is great! I have always found backstage to be very cool and interesting to see, so having Snapchat as my porthole into the celebrity world and award shows is awesome, and makes me inclined to go watch the Emmys I recorded on my DVR, considering I wasn't able to when they were live.

  4. I love live story's and it is almost a way to make you feel more connected to whats happening and also to the celebrity in this case. It seems like a personal snap to you, because you are seeing them on something that you use every day. I didn't get to watch the Emmy's but the Snapchat live story basically covered almost everything. I really enjoyed your post!

  5. It is crazy how much snapchat has grown in such a short time period, and how it has evolved to be something that can be utilized in so many different ways. Very interesting piece.